How to activate the Norton setup Activation

How to setup Norton antivirus?

You have taken the first step to secure your data and privacy by purchasing Norton antivirus. Let us help you further strengthen your protection by enabling Norton security on your device. We will take you through the Norton setup and Installation process one step at a time.

What you need to setup Norton antivirus?

  • A Norton product license. You can purchase it online or visit any nearby store which sells boxed Norton product.
  • Norton activation Key. With every Norton license, is attached a Norton subscription activation key.
  • An active internet connection with stable speed.

Step by step procedure for Norton Setup

When you have acquired all the required components, the next thing is to complete one step at a time for a successful Norton setup.

Step 1: Visit the official Norton page

Step 2: Sign Up for a Norton Account

  • Click the sign-in link on the Norton home page.
  • When the Norton login page appears choose the Create Norton Account option.
  • Fill up the sign-up form then click the yellow Create Account button.
  • Make sure you select the right region.

Step 3: Log in to the Norton Account

  • After Norton account signup revert to the login page.
  • Type in the email you linked with the account.
  • Enter the password to validate your access.
  • Press the Sign in button to complete the login.

Step 4: Link the activation key to the Norton account and activate the subscription

  • Inside the Norton, account dashboard open the ‘Get Started’ Page.
  • Click the link, Enter a “New Product Key”.
  • Insert the activation code in the space provided and click Continue.
  • For license terms read and then click Agree.

Step 5: Download the Norton installer file

  • After you have filled in the details on you will be taken to the download page.
  • Click ‘Download’ to start the installer file download.
  • When the browser alerts for the download click Save.

Step 6: Run the Norton installer and complete the Norton installer

  • Browse to the location where the Norton installer file was saved
  • Double click the file to launch the installation setup.
  • Proceed as the installer instruct to complete Norton antivirus Installation.

For further details visit…..Norton setup activation

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